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Voronya 2009.

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Dokumentarni film o najdubljoj jami na svijetu - Vorony autora Darka Bakšića. Snimljen tijekom ekspedicije 2009. godine na kojoj su učestvovali i dvojica hrvatskih speleologa, članova SOV i GSS-a Robert Erhardt i Darko Bakšić...


Autor i snimatelj: Darko Bakšić; Rasvjeta: Robert Erhardt; Montaža: Lovro Čepelak, Darko Bakšić, Ana Bakšić. Speleološki odsjek Velebit, 2010.


In the period from October 23 to November 18, 2009, Robert Erhard and Darko Bakšić, members of the Velebit Speleological Section, the Speleological Committee of Croatian Mountaineering Association and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, took part in an expedition into Voronya, the deepest known cave in the world (-2,191 m). The expedition was organized by an international speleological CaveX team led by Denis Provalov and Oleg Klimchouk. The goal of the expedition was to enlarge one side passage at a depth of -1,980 m in order to bypass the Kvitochka siphon, which would allow easier transport of diving and other equipment to the Dva Kapitana siphon. Exploration will continue in the course of 2010. A fifteen-member team from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Croatia set up a base camp, lowered several hundreds kilograms of equipment to the depth of -1,980 m and continued with enlarging the mentioned passage. A summer expedition had already worked for 8 days to widen the passage while work at this expedition lasted for 6 days. There are still 2 to 3 days of work left before the whole passage is widened and uninterrupted transport of equipment is made possible. Work is planned to continue at the end of January or August 2010, which depends on weather conditions and financial means. During the expedition Robert Erhardt and Darko Bakšić made a lot of photographic and film material, passed the 2,000 m mark and descended into the Game Over chamber, situated at -2,080 m.


Skup speleologa Hrvatske 2012.

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